Petite Messe Solennelle

24 Feb 2020

Hasmik Torosyan soprano
Anthea Pichanik contralto
Cyrille Dubois ténor
Daniele Antonangeli baryton-basse

Tanguy de Williencourt piano
Bart Rodyns harmonium

Bart Van Reyn direction
Chœur de la Radio Flamande

Alongside the famous Stabat Mater, given the same season on December 13th, here is the other jewel of Rossini’s sacred music, his “last sin of old age”. This small, solemn Mass was originally small in size – four soloists, a mixed choir and the instruments are limited to two pianos and a harmonium -, but quite solemn in its magnitude and incredible dramatic power. A second version, orchestrated by Rossini himself, has a larger staff. This is the first version that will be given during this concert. The work is in many ways the musical testament of the composer.

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